Intranet Satisfaction Questionnaire


The Questionnaire


The “Intranet Satisfaction Questionnaire” was developed in 2005/2006 at the Institute for Psychology at the University of Basel by Javier Bargas-Avila and Jonas Lötscher. In October 2006 the instrument was provided to the public free of charge.

Scientific Foundation

The scientific validation of the ISQ has been published in the Journal "Computers in Human Behavior": Take me to the publication.

Goal of the Intranet Satisfaction Questionnaire

Till recently a reliable measuring instrument for the acquisition of user satisfaction on the Intranet was missing. The project “Intranet Satisfaction Questionnaire” pursues the goal of developing such an instrument in the form of a structured online-questionnaire. The ISQ is easy to use and analyze. The instrument burdens the employees minimally (with only 13 questions) and delivers important feedback for the further development and optimization of the Intranet. The questions were validated according to statistical item analysis – they refer to the construct “user satisfaction on the Intranet”.

Methods, Test-Construction, Validity, etc.:

The scientific construction and validation of the ISQ can be found in the corresponding publication: Take me to the publication.


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